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Android Auto Carplay for Lexus IS/RC (LHD Model)

Android Auto Carplay for Lexus IS/RC (LHD Model)

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**Lexion Android Auto / Carplay for IS/RC**


 Lexion A10 Android /Car play upgrade for your Lexus IS/RC

Now using Qualcomm processors on the new generation units

Improved from the already excellent unit

-Wireless Android

-In Built screen mirroring function

-4G connectivity 

-Updates via OTA

-10" Touch screen system


OS andriod 10
CPU (name, core, GHz) Qualcomm QCM6125, 8 cores,2.0G Hz
Internal memory, RAM Gb 8
Flash memory, ROM Gb 128
Display resolution 1920X720 for 12.3/10.25 inch screen
Screen 10.25/12.3 inch
GPU (graphics processing unit) AdrenoTM 610

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